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Price guide

I will draw mostly any kind of idea (both SFW & NSFW), and all kinds of characters are welcome (regardless of their gender, sexuality, body-type etc).

What I won't draw:
Under-aged (cup/pup) character/s in NSFW settings.
Content that supports any hateful idea/campaign.
Anthro x Feral character/s in NSFW settings together.
Poop, rape, sexual gore.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me anytime!



Last update: 2021.01.02.


These fees apply for all types of commissions.

  • Wings
    Flat color style: 20 USD for leather, 30 USD for feather
    Simple cell style: 30 USD for leather, 40 for feather
    Complex cell style: 50 USD for leather, 60 for feather
    Hybrid style: 70 USD for leather, 80 USD for feather
    Soft style: 90 USD for leather, 100 for feather

  • Complex character design (multiple arms etc. price depends on each situation.)

  • Weapons start from 20 USD+, depending on the complexity. More complex = higher price.

  • Armor starts from 50 USD+,  depending on the complexity. More complex = higher price.

  • Tattoos starts from 10 USD+, depending on the complexity (if you have big resolution, transparent background, template of the tattoo, no fee is needed).

  • Accessories start from 15 USD+ depending on the complexity.

  • Simple clothing is free (t-shirt, simple skirt etc). Complex clothing with details will be discussed separately based on the complexity of the garment.


Visual example of different styles to frame the character.
Each style has different pricing for different frames.



Visual example of how different art styles look like. Click image to zoom!


Flat colors: No shadows or highlights.

Simple cell: One layer of sharp shading. Minor highlights or none.

Complex cell: More than one layer of shadows. Highlights in key parts like for example hair.

Hybrid: Combo of sharp and soft shadows. More defined highlights.

Soft: Very blended soft shadows and highlights. Highest amount of details.


Pinup are artworks without elaborate backgrounds. Thus the main focus is the character/s.

Transparent backgrounds are not offered. All works have a, free, simple gradient and/or texture background.


When clicked the images open up full screen.


Pinup prices






30 USD

40 USD

55 USD

65 USD

45 USD

55 USD

70 USD

80 USD

55 USD

65 USD

80 USD

100 USD

65 USD

75 USD

100 USD

150 USD

75 USD

85 USD

150 USD

200 USD





Pricing is for 1 character. Additional characters are: +50% for busts & chests, +80% for thighs and fulls.


Scenes are artworks with background, ambient lighting, effects, movement etc. 
Imagine a screenshot from a movie/animation.


When clicked the images open up full screen.


Scene price is additional price added to the pinup style pricing.

For example: Pinup USD + Scene USD = Scene overall price USD
You are paying for the background and editing required to blend the character into the scene (this includes ambient lights/shadows, reflections etc.).







65 USD

95 USD

50 USD

100 USD ~ 500 USD

150 USD ~ 700 USD

200 USD ~ ???

Amount of characters doesn't effect this pricing (the pricing per character is written in the Pinup prices).

  • OUTDOOR SIMPLE: Very simple outdoor scene like a snow, grass or sand field. In the distance there can be blurry objects like trees, but nothing complex is shown.

  • OUTDOOR COMPLEX: More elements added (trees, rocks, etc). The more elements the image has, the higher the price will be.

  • INDOOR SIMPLE: Simple layout of the room (whatever can be seen besides the characters). Usually includes simple key-furniture the characters are in contact with (sofa, bed etc). 

  • INDOOR COMPLEX: More elements added like furniture and/or complex detailed furniture designs. The more elements the image has, the higher the price will be.

  • SPECIAL SIMPLE: Not available.

  • SPECIAL COMPLEX: Special backgrounds are the most time consuming scenes. Good example would be inside a space craft. Imagine background that requires lots of detailing and perspective work.

  • BLURRY: Blurry background, that shows enough shape to give general idea of the setting. Imagine taking a photo with the depth of view set to the character. The background will appear blurry. You can see this effect used in the photo of this website (cherry branches at foreground appear in focus, and the ones in the background out of focus). 

Reference sheets

Simple, but easy to follow reference sheet, can make your life easier. Good reference should be easy for the artist to pick up colors, and to see all needed details.


When clicked the images open up full screen.