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Members area

The pages will be visible after logging in.
This area is for members, who have core-access to character

bases and linearts. 


The members area is meant for core-owners to get easy access to future updates & addons (which are free for the members).

Please, log in from the upper right corner of the page.
If you do not have account, you will need to sing up for one.

The account will be manually approved (and will need verification).

How to get approved?
If you have bought any of my linearts/bases marked as "limited base", you can apply. You can check the core-owner lists from below.
IF it happens, you have bought the base/s in the past, but for some reason your name is missing from the list; please, contact me via FA-note and include proof of purchase (screenshot of note, email etc).

How to get verified?
After sending out account form, please send a note through FA and fill out the template below.
If this step is skipped, your account won't be approved.

It might take from 1~7 business days to get approved. 

Note template:
Title: Core-member account
Username: User1
Email: (the one you used for the signup)
Bases owned: [LINK] + [LINK]


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