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Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms and services specified below. 

"I" as in artist who provides the service.
"Commissioner" as in the customer.

Last update: 2021.01.02.


Payment is for a digital service. It does not have a physical item, and thus doesn't require other than digital shipping (via email or other Internet accounts).

★ Commissioner must be over the age of 18!

★ I, the artist, receive the rights to cancel/deny any commission.


★ Artwork itself remains copyrighted to the artist (me). This means the artist keeps the rights to be able to use the artwork as part of a portfolio, prints, items and so on. If artwork is used as part of a product, the commissioner (you) will be properly credited (via writing down the username, nickname, etc) for the character.

★ Editing, tracing or claiming the work as your own is forbidden! 

★ Commissioner DOES NOT have the rights to use the artwork for commercial usage (making mass produced items such as prints for sales etc). 
★ Commissioner IS ALLOWED to use the artwork for PRIVATE purposes (for example, printing and framing the artwork to their wall). 

★ Commissioner IS ALLOWED to re-upload the SMALL VERSION (upon completion commissioners receive 1 big resolution & 1 small resolution file) of the file into their internet gallery. The bigger resolution version is for the private usage mentioned earlier.

Commissioner is required to provide proper credit for the artist when uploading the piece online. This credit has to include username (Muramuri) and link to the gallery (FA) website (the current one).

Commercial usage of the artwork is allowed with a license, which you can purchase from me. Usually this license will cost anywhere between +400~500% of the original paid price.

License can be discussed privately after the work is finished.


Full payment upfront is required. For some cases (like very large projects) partial payments are allowed. The partial payment details are discussed case by case with the Commissioner.

★Payments are done via PayPal invoice system. The invoice will be sent to the Commissioner's email, and can be paid via PayPal balance or, in some cases, via PayPal credit card support.
★Currency: USD (sometimes YEN)

★Work will be added into the active work-list after successful payment.
★Invoice will be cancelled if the payment hasn't been done within agreed time-frame. Note, that cancelled invoices might lead to shadow-ban for future work (usually for a limited time).

★Payment must be done in full via one invoice. Meaning, that if the Commissioner wishes to split the payment with a friend, they need to figure out who will receive and pay the invoice. This is due to the PayPal processing fees being included in commission-prices.


★Refunds are accepted following these rules:
-please, allow 2~3 weeks time for the refunds to be processed and send out.
-If the artist cancels the work, the commissioner will receive a 100% refund.
-if the commissioner cancels the work, and no work is done, full refund will be given (within the 2~3 weeks time mentioned earlier).
-If the commissioner cancels the work, the commissioner has to pay for the work done so far (minimum 50% of the work original price). 

★After the work is finished & accepted by the commissioner; refunds ARE NOT available.
★After the work is done, the commissioner isn't allowed to force a refund via PayPal. In case there's unauthorized refund, the artist has the right to keep the money rightfully paid for the services provided.



Contact & agreement on the details of the commission.

Payment up-front. Or according to a payment plan (for bigger projects).

Work will be added into the live Trello worklist.
You will be able to see everything commission-related from the public Trello board, including your own commission. 
All commissions will be done in the order they arrive, and sometimes there might be a small wait.
The Usual wait time is around 1 to 2 months, if there are many people in the line. You will be informed about the ETA to start in case there's a big line.
All work is aimed to be done within PayPal's refund window (180 days).

Rough sketch WIP of your commission. This is also the only WIP you will get.
This WIP will have the general idea of the setting and/or character/s. 
Work will be continued after the customer accepts the WIP.

If there is something wrong with the sketch, edits will be made.
However, bigger edits won't be made for free (for example asking to change the pose completely from the original description). Free edits include: Expression change, slight change to body like breast size/hip/etc and such small edits that don't impact the whole body much.

Sketch will be refined, inked and colored according to the style-type you chose to commission.
Finished pieces (high resolution + smaller resolution) will be sent to the customer.
Note! The high resolution version is for private usage only. It's not allowed to be uploaded online or used in commercial projects. The smaller resolution can be used for online upload, but not for commercial use.

The customer is welcome to upload the finished (small resolution) piece into their own gallery as soon as they want! It is not required to wait for the artist to post first.

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