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Complexity guide

Want to commission, but wonder what complexity your character falls into?
With this visual guide you'll be able to get a good idea what I consider complex and simple. However, if you are still unsure; feel free to contact me.




Easy to see patterns.
Simple pattern shapes.

Not many overlapping elements.


Stripes and spots


Facial patterns are the most important, and will be drawn as in the reference.

Some key-patterns (like heart spot) will be as in.

Other patterns somehow similar placement and size as in the reference.

If all patterns need to be exactly as in reference; the complexity goes to high level. Work might be refused.




Many overlapping and unique shaped patterns.

Many overlapping colors.

Many asymmetrical patterns (odd toes etc).


Close values


Not necessarily super complex, but I have hard time spotting patterns if the values are too close.

Sometimes different monitor settings might cause trouble with these types of characters as well.

Work might be declined.




If your character comes with a high resolution, transparent background, template of the tattoo; then usually it is not a problem and there's no complexity fee.

However, if the tattoo requires lots of warping to place, then fee will be added (imagine full back tattoo or lots of tribal tattoos on limbs).

Other body-parts


Robotics, wings and extra limbs almost always result in a additional fee.
Though from case to case the fee can be left out if the parts can be mostly hidden from view.

The more complex the part-details, more expensive the fee.

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